In the Crystalline Maze: Symbolism of the Mirror




The magic of mirrors and their tremendous mystic powers cannot be doubted. The soul’s primal instinct is to seek unity in love. We project our Selves onto the world and onto others in an attempt to see our own soul reflected. With the same captivation we look at our own photographs, always seeking confirmation of our existence. The soul cannot know its essence if it does not find a mirror it can gaze into in order to divine its own nature.

Walter Crane_The Mirror of Venus_1890_Watercolour and Gouache_13 15_16x10 in (35.4x25.4cm) Walter Crane, “The Mirror of Venus”

330px-Anch An Ankh-shaped mirror case (via Wikipedia)

In ancient China, mirrors were buried with the dead as ritual objects which allowed the deceased to communicate with the divine world beyond. They were supposed to bring the dead in harmony with the universe and remind them that their soul reflects the light of the sun that shines eternally. In Egypt, the word ankh was also…

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