“Desire” by Bolesław Leśmian



Henri_Rousseau_011 Henri Rousseau, “Snake Charmer”

“I’d like to have a hut in the wild forest density,
Made of firewood and a spatial scarcity,
Hanged high among old branch pinions,
Over jaguar caves and snake canyons.
There, on moss, swung with a mad storm,
I’d like to play with a maid, strange and warm.
Eat her breast, torn apart with my teeth,
And kiss her face, given as a feast.
Hear the storm, around my sinful indulge;
A thunderbolt dying noiselessly at large,
Roaring beasts our bodies-smell-attracted,
Ruptured bodies, elevated, in the spasm contracted.
And there, through an accidental among branches hole,
I’d like to look into the night and stars that glow.
And take for god – any brightness in the sky.
And on the girl’s bosom wait-over the night.
But welcome sun, with a howl, screams and cries.
Live blindfold, not knowing the life.
And laughing boldly at the sky…

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