Poetry and Mystery: “Women” by Evelyn Scott



By Yaroslav Gerzhedovich By Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

“Crystal columns,
When they bend they crack;
Brittle souls,
Conforming, yet not conforming–

Masculine souls pass across the mirrors:
Whirling, gliding ecstasies–
Retreating, retreating,
Dimly, dimly,
Like dreams fading across the mirrors.

Then the mirrors,
Stark and brilliant in the sunshine,
Blank as the desert,
Blank as the Sphinx,
Winking golden eyes in the twinkles of light,
Silent, immutable, vacuous infinity,
Illimitable capacity for absorption,
Absorbing nothing.

Have the shapes and the shadows been swallowed up
In your recesses without depth,
You drinkers of life,
Twinkling maliciously
Your golden yellow eyes,
Mirrors winking in the sunshine?”

Gustave Moreau, "The Victorious Sphinx" Gustave Moreau, “The Victorious Sphinx”

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