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Maxada Mandala

ecce homo

so…it remains Church art…enshrined
not vandalized… this well-intentioned
restoration oiled on Martinez’ fresco
when she, Gimenez, a Good Samaritan…slipped
sanctuary doors without due diligence
of those who saw her, hourly, painting there…
curious duality of care and carelessness

she despaired long decades depredations…
of blessings touch…of humid prayers and
incense smoke…disfigurement of mold
compelled her rash redemptive mission
her vision of a holy incarnation

her Christ has matted fur for hair…
His head’s no longer crowned with thorns,
His newly Greek masked mouth…a smudge
His Heaven gaze turned vacant now to viewer stare

opinions still abrade her brash interpretation
with bluster fury admiration wonder ridicule despair
for it’s now famous infamous to paying curious crowds
who flock the tourist shrine and facemail selfies yet…
there are a few who simply think and smile and kneel
and sigh and pray

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Elias Garcia Martinez, 1930
and Cecilia Gimenez…

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My Animus is Afraid to Trust My Instincts


Matrignosis: A Blog About Inner Wisdom

puppy-pic2Two nights before my keynote speech to the 2015 International Association for the Study of Dreams I had this dream.

#4,642: My Animus is Afraid to Trust My Instincts:  Old friends have visited us for two days. I’ve just realized they left their dog alone at home. I’m worried about this. Will it have enough food?  I say to the husband, “Won’t it poop and pee all over the house?” He says with a shrug, “Maybe. We’ll see.” I can’t believe he’s so casual about this. It feels wrong.

We drive to their house in another town and go inside. As we approach the sliding glass door to the backyard, he points out little piles of poop that make a trail to the open door. I see their dog sticking its cute brown and white head out from some green undergrowth at back of the cement patio. It moves into…

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Rose Red: Symbolism of Blood


1.“White and red combined are the colour of the mysterious rose, the whiteness of milk and the redness of blood, the white of light and the redness of fire.”

Eliphas Levi, “The Book of Splendors”


A woodcut etching by Sogra Khurasani, via A woodcut etching by Sogra Khurasani, via

1.“White and red combined are the colour of the mysterious rose, the whiteness of milk and the redness of blood, the white of light and the redness of fire.”

Eliphas Levi, “The Book of Splendors”

2.“Blood is the first incarnation of the universal fluid; it is the materialized vital light. Its birth is the most marvellous of all nature’s marvels; it lives only by perpetually transforming itself, for it is the universal Proteus. The blood issues from principles where there was none of it before, and it becomes flesh, bones, hair, nails . . . tears, and perspiration. It can be allied neither to corruption nor death; when life is gone, it begins decomposing; if you know how to reanimate it, to infuse into it life by a new magnetization of its globules, life will return to it again. The universal substance, with…

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Butterfly Journal: Self-Reflection (Month 1; Entry 2)


Through the Peacock's Eyes

waterhouse_pandora John W. Waterhouse: Pandora

From the last entry: So why “return to the cocoon?” you might ask. I reflected and thought about this quite a bit as Pisces Moons do… [to] reflect back upon my experience here for there is more to be learned and understood and more from my own experience that I can use to help others on their journeys. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces in Western Astrology, has also recently turned retrograde, so what better time to take a fresh dive into the deep end and see all the amazing and beautiful things I didn’t see before when I was distracted by the darkness.

Besides the Neptune retrograde transit, Saturn, who is also retrograde, recently returned to Scorpio, where he had previously been from early October 2012 to December 24th, 2014. Scorpio is my solar 4th house of home, family, mother, ancestors, past lives/karma, and the emotional psyche…

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Hathor: the Exuberant Goddess of Abundant Life



I.”Who fills the earth with golden motes of sunlight, who comes alive in the liminal east and sets in the liminal west.”

II.”I give thee everything that the sky provides, that the earth creates, and the Nile brings from his source.”

III.”O perfect, O luminous, O venerable!

O great sorceress!

O luminous mistress,

O gold of the gods!”

IV.“We laud thee with delightful songs,

For thou art the mistress of jubilation,

The mistress of music, the queen of harp-playing.

The lady of the dance,

The mistress of the chorus-dance,

The queen of wreath-weaving.”

V:”I am the one who guides the great ones who are lost and exhausted on the roads of the reborn…
Who guides those who are lost in the underworld,
I am Hathor, Queen of the northern sky,
Who watches over the reborn,
I am a haven of tranquility for the just,
A ferry for the chosen.”


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