Animal Spirits: The Hummingbird


Through the Peacock's Eyes

images-1Though wrote about the hummingbird about a year and a half ago, tucked into the post on The Raven/Crow, I’ve recently had some amazing encounters and feel the hummingbird deserves a post of her own. Whenever a hummingbird visits me, hovering for a minute or two in front of me, I’ve always sensed that it is one of my guardian angels, usually my grandmother, telling me that she is there and all is well. Yesterday, while hiking around Golden Gate Park with my pups, I had a very beautiful encounter.

We were near the end of a two hour hike in the park and about to walk over the beach to take in the ocean when a hummingbird stopped in front of us and danced around for a few minutes. She came closer and closer, showing us her different colors that reflect when the light hits her feathers…

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clouds store my sun away


Maxada Mandala

diebenkorn figure on porch

when clouds store my sun away
behind high restlessness…and chill
sweeps vexation through my green intent
of tender blading hills and fields,
I turn to settling of accounts remaining
here upon the desking of my days

for I owe myself more now than anytime…
I brush away the bees…plate honeycomb
upon the wedding Sevres…break sweet gold
to my mouth with a family sterling spoon
new polished…bloom Chinese silver needle
tea-leaves bundled ‘round a pink carnation
special occasion…guarded by a golden dragon
coiled imperial on the red of its rusting tin

I shall bask upon my porch and breathe brewed
fragrance with astringent ozone of approaching storm
for I am wrapped in complex luxury of a precious time

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Richard Diebenkorn

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Jung on Alchemy (3): Meditation and Imagination



Brigit Marlin, "Meditation on Emptiness" Brigid Marlin, “Meditation on Emptiness”

Alchemy speaks a secret language, which, provided there is a basic soul readiness, can be learnt through a slow and arduous process, yet abounding in moments of rapture and revelation. Its method of explanation was best summarized by a Latin phrase obscurum per obscurium, ignotium per ignotius (the obscure by the more obscure, the unknown by the more unknown):

“The real mystery does not behave mysteriously or secretively;… it adumbrates itself by a variety of images which all indicate its true nature. I am not speaking of a secret personally guarded by someone, with a content known to its possessor, but of a mystery, a matter or circumstance which is ‘secret,’ i.e. known only through vague hints but essentially unknown. The real nature of matter was unknown to the alchemist: he knew it only in hints. In seeking to explore it he projected the unconscious…

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Animal Spirits: The Wasp


Through the Peacock's Eyes

paper-waspToday, as I was reviewing the recording from my last session with my own spiritual counselor/tarot reader, a very large yellow insect kept bobbing around outside the window by my desk. The session I was listening to had much to do with the root chakra and ancestral karmic healing that I’ve been working on, and insights and affirmations came in about both my physical and my spiritual lineages from ancient Celtic tribes of strong female seers and goddess-warrior women. When I was done this bright yellow messenger came closer to the window and rested on the window sill just long enough for me to see who/what it was – a queen paper wasp.

I’ve written about The Bee and The Bumblebee, both in the suborder of Apocrita like wasps, but I had to do some research on the wasp to understand its symbolism and the meaning of its message…

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