Three Thoughts for the Eclipse: Light Meets Life



TheBathKarras (1)

Karena A Karras, “The Bath”

I.”The Zodiac & the Dying/Rising God
While the daily rising and setting of the sun told the tale of Atum -Re’s deadly boat journey, the moon’s monthly crescendo and diminuendo portrayed the myth of Inanna’s death and rebirth.  But, after she rose from the Underworld, the goddess Inanna was warned that, if she hoped ‘to escape the pit alive, she must leave another who shall wait in her place.’

Henceforth, it was Damuzi, her shepherd-king and consort that descended into the dark Underworld.  Though he passed through the same Mythologem of Death and Rebirth as Inanna, Damuzi descended, died and rose again yearly, with the seasonal cycle of rain and drought. Like Osiris in Egypt, Attis in Syria, and Baal in Canaan, the ‘Son of the Abyss’ became a new Iconologue of Time’s Measure, marking the span of the sacred year.
The dying/rising god marked the passage of…

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Manchester Study Day 14/2/15 – ‘From Amulets to Golden Flies: Understanding Egyptian Jewellery’


Egypt at the Manchester Museum

The Riqqeh Pectoral. Acc. no. 5966 The Riqqeh Pectoral. Acc. no. 5966

‘From Amulets to Golden Flies: Understanding Egyptian Jewellery’

Saturday 14th February, 2015

Kanaris Lecture Theatre, Manchester Museum, Oxford Road

Presented by Egyptology Online in association with The Manchester Museum and the KNH Centre.


9.15REGISTRATION: tea/coffee
9.45Welcome and Introduction
10.005000 Years of Wonderful Things: Egyptian Jewellery Past and Present
Joyce Tyldesley
10.45Amuletic Jewellery: Healing and Protection
Roger Forshaw
11.45Jewellery from Riqqeh Tomb 124: Forms and Functions
Campbell Price
12.30The Curious Case of Ahhotep: a Warrior Queen or a Fondness for Flies?
Taneash Sidpura
1.00LUNCH (please make own arrangements)
2.00Bead Materials, Shapes and Manufacturing Methods
Denys Stocks
3.30Going for Gold: The Riches, Power and Influence of the Meroitic Rulers
Glenn Godenho

For details of fees, and to book this event, please visit the Egyptology Online website

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Esse Est Percipere (To Be Is to Perceive)



1.“…he [William Blake] did everything he could to make his figures lose substance, to become transparent and indeterminate one from the other, to defy gravity, to be present but intangible, to glow without a definable surface, not to be reducible to objects.”

John Berger, “Ways of Seeing”

2.“’Mental things,’ Blake declared, ‘are alone Real. What is Called Corporeal Nobody Knows of its dwelling Place; it is in Fallacy & its Existence is Imposture.’”

“’I question not my Corporeal or Vegetative Eye any more than I Would Question a Window concerning a Sight.’”

Leopold Damrosch, “Symbol and Truth in Blake’s Myth”

(c) The Fitzwilliam Museum; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

William Blake, “An Allegory of the Spiritual Condition of Man”

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Education on Beauty


Very well done!



Georges de la Tour, “Education of the Virgin”

“We spend the first year of a child’s life teaching it to walk and talk and the rest of its life to shut up and sit down. There’s something wrong there.”
Neil de Grasse Tyson

When you are chosen to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, an owl shows up with a letter informing you that you are the chosen lucky one. It does not matter what background you come from, however humble – the letter will inevitably arrive at your doorstep if you show magical abilities. It does not matter either who your parents were – whether non-magical people or wizards and witches themselves – you will be admitted only on your own merit. The following two quotes are only seemingly similar – the first relates to Ivy League colleges, the second to Hogwarts.

 1.“The physical form of the university—its…

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