The Secrets of the Odyssey (6): the God of Winds




In the fourth month of his journey, Odysseus, guided by friendly winds, reaches the kingdom of Aeolia, where the god of winds Aeolus resides with his family: wife and twelve children. Homer depicts it as a rectangular island, which brings to mind the constellation of Gemini. Indeed, the Sun is in Gemini during this adventure.

 “The rectangular island can also be perceived as the bed in which Aeolus and his wife and family of 12 children sleep warm and snug under the blanket of the Milky Way.”

Kenneth and Florence Wood, Homer’s Secret Odyssey


The constellation of Gemini has an old connection with windy and stormy weather. The two twins, Castor and Pollux, were put in heavens as a reward for protecting the ship Argo from violent storms during the quest for the Golden Fleece. In ancient Greece, the twins were believed to bring good luck to sailors. This is…

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