Symbolism Of The Eģg


There is a desert on the moon where the dreamer sinks so deeply into the ground that she reaches hell.


Six Degrees of Separation – From A Christmas Carol to War and Peace


A Great Journey ❤❤

A Russian Affair

Inspired by fellow blogger An Argumentative Old Git, I decided to make a #6degrees blogpost too. The idea is that each month there is another book as a starting point, and this month it’s A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. From there you can connect to six other books. The meme is hosted by Kate of Books are my Favourite and Best.

So we start with A Christmas Carol (1843), the classic Christmas story. 

fullsizeoutput_6f.jpegScrooge is visited by three ghosts. The ghosts show him the past, present and future. Scrooge quickly understands that he needs to better his life. The Undertaker by Pushkin (1831) features an un-Dickensian undertaker with a Scrooge-like disposition. He too is visited by ghosts, a whole party of them: they are his dead clients, accusing him of ripping of their next of kin. Unlike Scrooge, Prokhorov does not seem inclined to better his…

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Tales from Fraggle Towers


Let’s rock in Camera rolling 😊👍

Teagan's Books

via Tales from Fraggle Towers

Monday, December 10, 2018

I’m having a Wayne and Garth moment for not realizing the fabulous Fraggle had done a rockin’ review of not just one, but all the Atonement books — at Fraggle’s Other Place.

So, I’m doing an extra post to share it.  I hope you’ll click over and visit both of her exciting blogs. Fraggle Rokin’ a Camera Across the Universe.  Be sure to click over and “toon in” at her place.  Have a great new week!

I can’t resist including a link to a post from Denise too.  She included a review of Atonement, Tennessee with her “Recent Books Read.”  Head over to Author D. L. Finn, because I’m in great company with Vashti Quiroz-Vega, Aaron D. Brinker and Marcia Meara

Have a marvelous Monday, everyone.

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Strawberries: The Fruits of Love


Sometimes, the Gods and the Fates are cruel; sometimes, They are kind. Either way, if you have a loved one in your life, share a strawberry, drink some champagne, and most importantly, be grateful for the love you have…

Because strawberries can’t fix everything.

Myth Crafts

Strawberries and Champagne are the quintessential ingredients for any romantic night in. So how did this tiny fruit become a popular love staple?

There is an obvious association with love; the fruit grows in the shape of a tiny red heart. A latter version of the Aphrodite and Adonis story claims to tell the origins of the strawberry: Aphrodite was in love with the beautiful Adonis, but his love for hunting ended up being his undoing. Gored by a boar, he lay in the forests gasping his last breaths as Aphrodite rushed to his side. She poured nectar on his wounds, hoping against hope to heal him, but it was too late and her beloved mortal died in her arms. Popular myth claims that her tears mingled with his blood; as this fluid seeped into the ground, strawberries grew in their place.

aphrodite and adonis Peter Paul Rubens, mid 1630’s. Housed in the…

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The Masculine Philosophy


Sharmaji's Solutions

So, Your Life is Hell. Your Life is Shit. Are You Getting Bored of Your Life.?Are You The Subject of Bullying By Your Group?Did You Never Get What You Want From Life???You Don’t Have Enough Money? You are Unable To Date The Girl You Want?? Sometimes You Think That You are the Most Unfortunate Person in The World. ??You Want Some Motivation?

Then Don’t Expect Some Kind of Shitty Motivational Things From This Blog. You Will Not Get Some Kind of Motivating Quotes and Life Changing Stuff Which You Get Daily On Your What’s App Because Wounds of Life Can’t Be Cured By Metaphorical Words. Life is Dark, Absolutely Normal and Casual. It Can Be Cured only By Material and Spiritual Well Being. You Will Never Be Happy Just By Reading or Hearing Some Great Words By Some Great Men.

Believe Me Life is Just Nothing But Meaningless. It’s a…

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… hope – the oracular mystery …


Course of Mirrors

August Rodin – Le Secret

These tumultuous times it takes a leap of imagination and ingenuity to trust in hope, which has frequently been my resort during past difficulties. Hope is assumed to have remained in the jar after Pandora released its darkness. The conflicting interpretations of hope around this myth are fascinating. Try relating darkness and hope to the psycho-dynamic phenomenon of projection. In what we call life, both darkness and hope circle around nothingness. We suffer the periods of dense darkness in hope of the ever-recurring creative  energy of spring – the spirit I dance to in my lucid dreaming.

While natural, our expectations are necessarily blind and hampered by frustrating circumstances. In the wake of two stressful years, the hope that my nearly 100 year old dad would leave me the small fund he legally owed me was buried with him. Still, my yearning for a…

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Aristophanes: The anger that causes us anger is a powerful source of wisdom


by Searching The Meaning Of Life (STMOL)

I had once got a book in the hands about the psychology of Zorn (Wrath, Rage, Anger) it was a very interesting description of how this feeling can cause good outcome as a man normally expects. here is again a wonderful read by  SearchingTheMeaningOfLife with thanks.

Those who are angered are a powerful source of wisdom, as they bring to light our weak points and become a mirror to which we look.

Aristophanes said that “wise people learn many of their enemies.”

A teacher can teach us the importance of patience, control and tolerance. But all these abilities are not able to practice them, except in real life, when we meet the “enemy”.

In martial arts, we learn that the opponent’s attack can be used to our advantage when we know how to channel its momentum, at the right time, in the right direction.

The enemy forces us to act here and now and to get out of our comfort that will eventually make us soft. It forces us to bring to the surface the best as well as our worst self and to transform knowledge into wisdom through experience.

When we manage to see our reactions distant and humorous, then we will discover that in every conflict there is a great lesson about our qualities and our weaknesses.

Exclusive harmonious relationships create an apathy that can paralyze us as we do not feel the need to look for new things, nor do we have to reconsider our beliefs.

We are always on the same path. For our mental and emotional development, we need to confront, react, test ourselves, change our perspective, feel pain. In other words, to learn.

As in the martial arts, so in life, in order to achieve it, one needs to motivate us.

It is the place and the contrast that they create in conflict with tomorrow’s composition.

«Πόλεμος πάντων πατήρ εστί» έγραψε ο Εφέσιος σκοτεινός φιλόσοφος Ηράκλειτος.                                                                                                              “The War of All Fathers” is written by Ephesios the dark philosopher Heraclitus.”‘

Let us take part with all our might, without clinging to our little “ego”, to what will take us “out of ourselves”, it will make us angry, lose our concentration and risk losing the battle. It is not what the “teacher” taught us anyway.

When things around us are not ideal, when we accept attacks, when we are not satisfied with our lives, this adversity, this negative force that affects our stability and acts as an enemy, must be used as a driving force and a push for change.

Every conflict eventually reveals what does not go well within us and allows us to keep the spark of our creativity on. Without anyone or something to challenge us, this spark would be turned off.

That is why, by looking at the situation more deeply, we should probably blame our enemies, for thanks to them we can change and climb another step in the path of our personal fulfillment.

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